Tips To Equip Your Kitchen With Ceramic Cookware

Nowadays, the quality of the food cooked is one of the most controversial matters that draw the most attention of people, especially housewives. There are a lot of food poisoning accidents in the cities and one most common cause is the low quality of the cookware. It is not difficult to choose a good set but almost all people only focus on cheap sets. These days, we can get a lot of information about cooking equipment from Kitchen Aim especially ceramic cookware.

In this article, I will give you tips to help you equip your kitchen with a good set so that you can ensure the quality of the food every day. That is also to insure your health condition.

A Cheap Set Of High Quality

Nowadays, people only want to buy cheap products at high price and in fact, there are a lot of sets like that because the manufacturers can understand customers’ demands. Here is the introduction of a good set of cookware.

What Is Included?

As usual, you can look for separate piece to buy but if you want to save more money, you can choose a good set which consists of about 10 – 15 pieces, including 2 pans, 4 pots and types of spoons. With a set like this, you will have full of pots and pans for cooking different dishes and create more kinds of food.

It is better to buy a whole set on the grounds that you should uniform all the cookware with the stoves in your kitchen so that you do not have to consider too many types.

Additional Knives And Storage Container

As said above, it is better to uniform all the cookware so you can also have some additional knives and storage container for food when you need. When you purchase a set, you can have some discounts.

A set of knives will consist of almost all the type of knives and it will allow you to slice and chop conveniently. When it comes to storage container, there are a lot of shapes and sizes for you to store the fresh food and cooked food safely.

Price And Material

The price of a full set, including cookware, knives and storage container is not high. It is just about $97 and you do not have to buy anymore equipment for processing the food. There are more than twenty items for you when you buy this set.

Take Into Considerations

When it comes to choosing to buy such a good set of cookware, you need to take into account several important factors which decide the quality and durability of the cookware. Here are some considerations for you.


The cookware for our kitchen varies and different manufacturers use different materials to produce this product. Some types of cookware are made of metal, particularly inox and stainless steel which can help to transmit the heat quickly.

However, nowadays, people seem to prefer ceramic material which may transmit the heat less quickly but the food will be more delicious.

Original Countries

Almost all the cookware for our kitchens are produced in China where has cheap labor force and is rich in these materials. Buying cookware from this country will help you save a lot of money.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are also important on the grounds that it reflects the real quality through practical experiences on the cookware. Therefore, you should look for more reviews about the cookware type you are about to buy.

Bottom Line

These are details shared from my practical experiences. My name is Amelia Kaynes. I had worked for the company for nearly ten years but now I just stay at home and spend all of my time looking after my family. I have special interest in cooking. In particular, I like to create more dishes for my children.

However, there was a food poisoning accident with my children because of the inside – broken pan. I fried beef on that pan and the result was really bad. Since then, I paid more attention to the quality of the cookware and I decide to choose ceramic materials. I hope that what I share in this article will be good for you all. Thank you very much.

Amelia Kaynes is a stay-at-home mom, who loves to share her passion in everything cooking and house decorations. She maintains an active blog at KitchenAim.

Useful Tips For Using Cooking Tools And Doing Hygiene For Them

These days, a lot of housewives are using cooking tools in a wrong way on the grounds that they complaint about too much time they have to spend to learn and absorb such knowledge.

However, using wrongly kitchen tools will lead to a lot of severe consequences. Therefore, in this article, I would like to give you some tips for using three most popular kinds of kitchen machines. Besides, I will also provide you with tips for doing kitchen hygiene.

Using Kitchen Tools

Today, I will give you right instructions for using a pan, a pot made of aluminum and the microwave.

Using A Pan

People often use a nonstick pan for more convenience. However, using this kind of pan for a long time, it can make all the nutrients in the food change and contain poisonous substances which will destroy our digest system if we eat them too much.

Nowadays, nonstick pans are sold widely in the market but one recommendation has been brought about that we should impose a limit on using these pans as they are covered with a nonstick layer which turns out to be just a layer to resist high temperature. This layer will release smoke that has a mix of complex substances.

These are toxic ones to harm people’s health, especially the old and children. When we eat food cooked by this pan, there will have some common symptoms such as chest tightness or shortness of breath.

Therefore, we need to limit using such products with some small tips. When we cook by this pan, remember to avoid too high temperature or too much heat which will destroy the atom’s structure in every nutrient of the food. At 300 – 400 degree C, there will have much toxic smoke and the nonstick layer of the pan will be destroyed, too.

Using A Pot

A lot of families now still use the pot made of aluminum one the grounds that it is cheap. However, wrong using this pot will result in health deterioration for every member in your family.

According to scientists, using an aluminum pot for cooking food with sault, sauce or vinegar is very harmful. The reason is that when we cook, the chemical reactions occur and our food will absorb chemicals. In addition to this, if we buy aluminum pots of unoriginal brands, the aluminum material may be mixed with the food and after we eat them, the amount of erythrocyte in our blood will be reduced considerably.

Thus, it is the best for you to avoid using such pot so that we can reduce the risk that causes to weak health.

Using A Microwave

Using a microwave seems to be very convenient and very popular nowadays. But do you know the differences between using a microwave with traditional cooking?

When we use fire, coal or gas to cook, the food will all be cooked and all the protein will be changed to be amino acid or peptide that is easy for us to digest. Cooking by a microwave can make the food cooked within a few minutes.

According to American scientists, the food cooked can contain some strange substances which can weaken our immune system. Besides, this microwave can cook this corner of the food but cannot cook well all the rest. Therefore, some bacteria are not killed and they still have a chance to destroy our stomach.

One good way to avoid such bad consequences is that we should use the microwave when we want to recook or heat the food.

Tips For Doing Kitchen Hygiene

As you can see using the three products above may result in dangers for our health so firstly, it is better to avoid items like them.

Additionally, it is very significant to clean and do hygiene for the kitchen regularly, including the floor, table, kitchen furniture and all types of pots, machines and tools for cooking. It is ideal to do this work every day in order to keep the space in the kitchen pure and clean otherwise it will smell really bad. I am certain that no one likes to breathe in such the bad smell.

Kitchen Tools For Housewives

Our kitchen is always full of tools and stoves and we cannot get rid of anything on the grounds that we need all of them, from stoves to dishes. These tools are like the right hands of our housewives in cooking meals for families.

However, some people buy too many things to display in the kitchen table. This will confuse our eyes very much. Therefore, we had better know what is necessary and what is unnecessary. In this article, I will give you some instructions for choosing chops, knives, knife docks, toothpick holder and spice jars.

Choosing Chops

2 chops are suitable on the grounds that you will have to use one for slicing fresh food which has not still processed and use one for cooked food. For both these kinds of food, wooden chops are of the best suitability. Plastic chops will give a lot of debris. You can choose the rectangular or the round one, depending on your liking and the aesthetics. You ought to choose the large chop so that you can slice or chop comfortably.

The strength of a wooden chop over a plastic one is that the wood material is sturdy and difficult to be broken or cracked while the plastic material is easy to be cut. In addition, wood material is much safer.

Choosing Knives

A knife is an indispensable assistant of housewives in terms of cooking, especially cutting. We could not also deny the important role of an eating knife in every meal.

Apart from cutting, chopping and slicing, a knife helps you create decorations made of vegetable and make your dishes more attractive. When you buy a knife, you have to pay attention to the holder and the blade.

Do not choose the rectangular knife which as too sharp corners on the grounds that it will cause wounds to your fingers when you use it.

Almost all the knives in the market are made of stainless steel or iron. We know that iron knives are very sharp but they are easy to worn out due to storing to the air. Stainless knives are less sharp but more durable and easy to clean.

The knives that have cogs help you slice carrots, vegetable and fruits very beautifully with shapes of flowers or leaves.  This kind of knives can cut bread to decorate. To save money, you had better buy a full set, including all types of knives if you want or buy separately according to your demand.

To store the knives, we have to wash them and dry them with a dry towel after using them. After that, we have to put them into the knife dock or hang them on the shelves. However, do not put them together with other tools to avoid wounds.

When the knives become blunt, we can absolutely make them sharper by sharpening them. To keep them sharp for a long time, we should use them for right purposes. For example, do not use a peeling knife to slice meat or chop meat.

Choosing Knife Docks

You will be able to remove all the mess when all the tools are well arranged. Knives and scissors are a kind of dangerous tools for users so you had better have a special place for storing. That is a knife dock.

A knife dock has many clefts and each is for putting one knife. The dock should be kept in safe places where your children cannot reach. The dock has a lot of advantages. It helps to arrange all the knives and scissors in right positions; keep safe and keep them durable.

Toothpick Holder

It is very interesting to see toothpick holder of funny shape like a fish, bird or cat on the dining table in your house. There is no need to open the holder to take a toothpick to use. You only need to press one button or put the holder upside down to get the toothpick.

Spice Jars

Almost all housewives put the spice jars indiscriminately on the table or in the shelves so sometimes, they have to spend a lot of time finding those jars. It will be better for them to buy a chain of spice jars which are arranged near each other and fixed. Then we only need to put them in the cooking table and use anytime.

Taboo In Cooking Every Day

Nowadays, people are thinking of many dishes with combine many kinds of food. However, not all of them are delicious and safe for our health. Some wrong combinations will be very dangerous to our stomach and even kill our intestine. In fact, almost all housewives cook as they want.

They do not think about the danger created by their new recipes. Only when they suffer from food poisoning, can they know that their combination is perilous. Therefore, there should have some notes about taboo in cooking. Today, I will show you what you have to avoid, in terms of combining this kind of food with that kind.

Eating Eggs And Drinking Soy Milk At The Same Time

Eggs and soy milk are two kinds of food containing a lot of nutrients for people such as protein, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals. Eating eggs or drinking soy milk will make your healthier.

However, if you use two of them at the same time for the morning or for your fast meal, they will prevent you from absorbing protein.

Pouring Sugar Into The Milk Boiling

Boiling milk to drink in a cold morning is very good for our health. However, you can add some sugar into the milk when the milk is warm, for fresh milk. If you pour sugar directly into the milk boiling, the amino acid in the milk boiling and the fructose will combine each other and generate a type of poison that is harmful to your health.

If you want to use both milk and sugar for the meal, you had better add the sugar to the milk glass when the milk is warm or cool for the sake of your health.

Eating Seafood And Fruit

Eating fruit after every meal is not a good habit on the grounds that the acid in the fruit will prevent your bodies from absorbing nutrients. This is all the same if you eat seafood with fruit. The combination of tannic acid in the fruit and calcium in the seafood will lead to many irritating symptoms for your stomach.

Moreover, you had better not eat seafood and the food that is rich in vitamin C since it is not good for your health. Therefore, eating seafood, you have to avoid eating some fruits such as oranges, lemons or grapefruits.

In addition, when your families have parties, you will be very busy with the preparation and meeting your friends so you will not have time to take care of your children who will eat everything at the same time as they want.

Therefore, to keep safe for their health, you had better tell them what is dangerous. If they do not obey you, you should have someone observe and keep an eye on your children.

Drinking Cow Milk And Fruits

Mixing cow milk and juice is not good for all people. It will be a kind of drink containing a lot of acid that will condense the protein in the milk. As a result, the ability to absorb nutrients in milk or fruit of the digest system will be weakened.

Drinking Tea After Meals

People believe that green tea is good for our digest system but it is not absolutely true. The tannin in the tea leaves combining with the food will cause many problems with our intestine and digesting. Therefore, do not drink tea right after eating meals.

Baking Meat With The Gas Stove

A lot of people usually bake the meat with the gas stove, which is not good on the grounds that gas contains many impurities which will destroy your digest system.

5 Kinds Of Food For A Diet

A lot of people in the world are now dealing with the risk of obesity, from which there have been many different diets. However, for many people, they do not know how to lose weight and keep healthy at the same time. They only focus on losing weight and then suffer from diseases.

That is not good. So we should have some tips about types of food we should eat while we are on a diet. Here, I will introduce to you 5 most effective kinds that help you balance your health and reduce calories.

Drinking Frappe

Frappe is a kind of drink for the breakfast, lunch or the break. A glass of frappe contains about 300 calories, depending on the fruit you choose. For example, you can combine yogurt and kinds of fruits to help you have strong bodies, lose weight and have beautiful skin. Drinking a glass of frappe, you will have full of calories to work without eating any meat or oily food.

Eating Salmon

Salmon is very delicious and good for our health. This kind of fish can be processed in many ways so that you can have a perfect meal every day. The salmon can provide about 210 calories per 100 grams. You can enjoy the fried salmon with a layer of butter, cheese or yogurt, with the combination of garlic and spice.


Chicken can also supply important protein for your diet. 100 gram of chicken contains less than 200 calories so it is very suitable for those who want to lose weight.

We can make many different meals from chicken for our whole families. For obese people, they can try on chicken marinated with yogurt, garlic and pepper.


Yogurt is good for our digest system and it is used to cook many dishes as mentioned above. It is totally suitable for a healthy diet. 100 gram of yogurt contains less than 57 calories. Yogurt can replace butter and cream that contain oil. You can eat fresh yogurt or boil it until it becomes thick and smooth.

Other Kinds Of Food

In addition to the four kinds above, do not forget about some additives for main dishes. They play an important part in the process of changing the energy in our bodies.

You should remember that when you go on a diet, you had better have 6 small meals so that your bodies do not absorb too much calories. After each small meal (you only absorb a small amount of calories), you have to work and then all calories will be transformed into energy. You will feel hungry and then you continue to add a small meal for your bodies. You will be able to keep fit and keep healthy.

There is no reason to remove your right to enjoy a tasty meal and even when you are going on a diet. There are many kinds of food and drink that you can eat to keep fit. So do not force yourselves into a too harsh condition.

We should know that going on a diet does not mean that you have to eat the food without sugar or sault. Instead, we have a lot of delicious dishes that contain a small amount of calories as mentioned above.

Many people fail right after they start a diet. The reason is that they reduce too much the calories they absorb every day and this makes them hungry all the time so they feel tired. Therefore, we need to know what is suitable for our physical condition.

Kinds Of Food For Baking Parties

Baked food is one of the most favored and popular kinds in every party, especially outside parties. People like to bake food during their parties on the grounds that they want to see colorful food on the baking tray. Today, I will introduce to you some kinds of food that is suitable for baking parties.


Heat, smoke and a little of sault will make this kind of fruit delicious surprisingly and even it has the flavor of meat. According to some magazines, removing the sweet flavor of watermelon by baking it will arouse the tasty nature of the fruit.

You can pour a thin layer of oil above the watermelon slice and then give it some additives. Bake it for 5 minutes until every slice becomes dry. The baked watermelon is finished and you can enjoy it right away.

Lettuce With Long Leaves

Green vegetable is easy to be baked and they can create perfect flavor for salad. The lettuce with long leaves is very popular in baking parties. We can eat fresh lettuce or bake it with some oil and salt. Baking for 1 – 2 minutes is enough.


With or without bread, you can enjoy the baked cheese with the tasty flavor spread all the parties. You can put the cheese on the baking tray and wait for 1 minute. You will have a delicious plate of cheese to eat with vegetable and meat.


Cakes and breads can be baked to arouse their flavor. The sweet flavor of the cakes will help to balance the smoke and create a layer of caramel. Firstly, you have to cut the cakes and breads into thin slices (about 1 inch).

Provide butter for the both sides of the slices then bake them on the moderate temperature until they turns into yellow. You could eat them with some fruit, cream or chocolate.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are very favored thanks to its attractive flavor. This food is suitable for baking parties and through many years, people have been using it for not only baking parties but also daily meals.

Smoked Pork

Smoked pork can be still baked. People often eat smoked pork with fresh vegetable, salad or burger. In addition to this food, beef is and large slices of meat can be baked deliciously. Baking chicken is also popular.

Mushrooms And Carrots

Mushrooms can be the kind of indispensable vegetable for baking. People really like the softness but toughness of mushrooms. We do not have to marinate the mushrooms before baking on the grounds that they can arouse their own flavor.

Carrots can make the baking tray colorful and attractive. Eating carrots is also very good for our health.

In addition to such kinds of food, we need some additives, including sugar, salt, pepper, chili, onion and garlic to marinate the food and to make sauce as well.

These are some kinds of food that can make your baking parties tasty and perfect.